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Susan Anderson, AAI    Licensed Broker. 31 Years Experience


Joseph Cherepowich, AAI, CIC   Licensed Broker. Notary Public. 34 Years Experience


Gene Walker, CLTC   Licensed Broker.  18 Years Experience


Donna Ackroyd

Customer Service Representative

Licensed Broker. 33 Years Experience

McMann Price Agency, Inc. has been in business for over 100 years. As the only insurance agency in Greenport, we specialize in providing coastal property insurance solutions. We have built up trust and respect the old fashioned way: by earning it. We hope to earn your trust to become your one and only insurance agency.


Any of our licensed insurance agents will be able to help guide you through your personal questions and the selection of an insurance policy.

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Cecelia Dohrman  

Customer Service Representative

Licensed Broker.  47 Years Experience


Laura Fauteux

Customer Service Representative

Licensed  Broker.  4 Years Experience


Kimberly Moore  

Customer Service Representative

Licensed Broker.  12 Years Experience


Keri Grace Najdzion

Customer Service Representative

Licensed Broker. 8 Years Experience


Trisha O’Brien  Receptionist.  9 Years Experience.  Claims

We hold regular defensive driving classes to use for court or to help you lower your auto insurance costs. Whether you need a defensive driving class for your own personal insurance or for employees and business insurance costs, we welcome you!

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